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General Aims and Objectives


  • Support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of the higher education field in the eligible Partner Countries.
  • Support eligible Partner Countries to address the challenges facing their higher education institutions and systems, including those of quality, relevance, equity of access, planning, delivery, management, and governance.


  • Improve the quality of higher education and enhance its relevance for the labour market and society.
  • Improve the level of competences and skills in HEIs by developing new and innovative education programmes.

How aims and objectives are addressed

eSCO will enable the adoption of e-learning by offering support and training for the deployment of virtual learning environment, help adapt the develop courses and tutorial for blended delivery and learning styles by sharing the EU partners' experiences . The e-Academy will be established to maintain good relationship between  industry, maintain and promote the developed material to larger communities through online delivery. All material will be co-developed and reviewed by EU partners.