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Smart Grids (SG)


Based on an adequate analysis of the Needs Assessment, which was the first stage of the project. The consortium agrees to have the following Courses and Tutorials in SG field to support smart cities operations in Palestine.

Course 1: Renewable Energy Sources and Smart Grids

This course provides knowledge  about Smart Grid Definition, Smart Grid Infrastructure, Major Characteristics of Smart Grids, Smart  Grids  Benefits and  Technical  Challenges, Smart Grid Applications, Energy Management Systems, Smart and Green Buildings, Distributed  Generation and Renewable  Energy Resources, Energy  Resources Integration, Impact of Integrating Distributed Generation on Electrical Distribution System Performance.

Course 2: Fundamentals of Smart Grid Design and Analysis

This course provides the student with a basic knowledge of fundamentals, design, analysis, and development of Smart Grids. It offers an introduction to the basic concepts of power systems with the elements of computational intelligence, communication technology and decision support system. The course covers the topics necessary to guarantee the Smart Grid adaptability and capability of handling new systems and components. To ensure that minimum changes in the existing legacy system could be produced, integration of the different renewable energy sources through an automated model is applied. Standards and requirements for designing new systems and Smart Grid products are discussed. Power flow analysis and optimization schemes needed for the generation, transmission, distribution, demand response, and reconfiguration will be explained.

Course 3: Power Electronics for Smart Grids

This course provides knowledge about Power inverters employing low frequency transformers, Power inverters employing switching transformers, Switching power supplies, DC to DC converters, Battery chargers (single stage, multi stage, MPPT), Power meters, Reverse power relays, High-frequency-link power-conversion systems for next generation of smart grids.

Tutorial 1: Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Sources

This tutorial is an introduction to Renewable Energy Sources for a Sustainable Development. It provides knowledge about Renewable Energy World Statistics, Characteristics of Renewable Energy Sources, Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems. It covers various experiments on: Characteristics and Operation of Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Systems, Power Electronic Converters Supporting Renewable Energy systems.

Tutorial 2: Introduction to the Smart Grid

This tutorial explains how a smarter grid works as an enabling engine for the economy, environment and our future. Topics include: Smart grid definition, enabling technologies, current smart grid efforts, clean energy, today’s vs smart grid.